About PhilCo

Service Backed by Experience

With over 25 years of construction experience, we at PhilCo Construction offer a wealth of industry-specific knowledge and resources. Our proven record of quality and timely performance applies to a diverse range of completed construction and renovation projects, including office, retail, commercial, industrial, medical, educational and institutional. At PhilCo, no job is considered too small or too complex. We achieve our objective by protecting and increasing the value of your property.

Building Relationships

Team work is the key to our success. Our seasoned project managers, superintendents and quality crews interact closely with each other through all phases of the project. We attain efficiency and precision through engaging property owners and managers, architects and real estate professionals. We have carefully cultivated strong working relationships with reputable subcontractors and suppliers who recognize PhilCo as a dependable, ethical company. For every project we take on, we closely manage the coordination and scheduling of construction professionals whose experience and integrity match our own.

Commitment to Quality

By relying on PhilCo for your complete needs, you can be assured of the consistency of our work, while saving yourself the expense and time of managing multiple subcontractors. From the initial design phase, we offer cost saving recommendations and value-engineering services. During construction, our crews adhere to pre-determined schedules, allowing your tenants to move in as quickly as possible. Our improvement crews finish their jobs quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations. Upon project completion, we provide maintenance and support to protect your property investment.

From Construction to Completion

By managing projects closely, adhering to strict safety guidelines and demanding the highest quality of workmanship, PhilCo has built a reputation for completing projects on-time and within budget. To date, we have completed over 20 million square feet of new construction and counting. Our success has resulted in our financial stability and allowed us the construction experience to manage projects of all sizes, from consultation to completion and beyond. Allow us to respond today to your immediate construction and renovation needs. PhilCo will become the dependable, single source for all your future construction needs.